Your Brand Live


Scott Tweedie

Brand Identity

Your Brand Live is a new venture all about doing things l-i-v-e, as their name attests. They produce, host and broadcast events so that anyone, anywhere can tune in as it happens.

Because they’re all about highlighting other brands and personalities, they needed an identity that was stark and simple. 

Created was a clean, bold and confident logo and identity. Its roots give a nod to the first monochromatic black and white telecommunication medium. It’s strong but not overpowering, contrasting well over imagery and allowing the eye to be drawn across a scene. 

YBL Semplice4YBL Semplice4
YBL Semplice7YBL Semplice7
YBL Semplice8YBL Semplice8
YBL Semplice9YBL Semplice9
YBL Semplice10YBL Semplice10
YBL Semplice11YBL Semplice11
YBL Semplice12YBL Semplice12