Sigur Rós Record Cover



Concept development, creation of modular heart, photography

One of my favourite briefs whilst studying graphic design, our handmade project had to involve work off the computer and out in real life. I decided to create a record cover for one of my favourite bands, Sigur Rós, their music being overwhelmingly emotional and drawn.

To show this in the work, I created a modular origami heart consisting of over 100 pieces of paper. This was photographed, burned and photographed once more - all with the idea of showing the purity as well as the darkness in their music. These images were used on the front and back cover of the record, on the record itself and the poster that would come with.

Sigur Ros Semplice4Sigur Ros Semplice4
Sigur Ros Semplice5Sigur Ros Semplice5
Sigur Ros Semplice6Sigur Ros Semplice6
Sigur Ros Semplice7Sigur Ros Semplice7
Sigur Ros Semplice8Sigur Ros Semplice8
Sigur Ros Semplice10Sigur Ros Semplice10