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Pearson Emerson Meyer is a leading Australian family law firm, a recent collaboration between the two existing firms of Pearson Emerson, and Meyer. Looking to establish an identity that encompasses the new foundation and values of the firm, we were briefed to put foward concepts that showed true of a few key messages. PEM required a bold style to demonstrate their pre-eminence within the industry, but also an idea to represent their point of difference of combining IQ + EQ (emotional intelligence). 

This concept was derived from the grammatical use of the semi colon - the joining of two independent clauses. We can use this bold symbol to demonstrate the connection between a lawyer and their client, of their values, of IQ + EQ. From that symbol patterns and textures were created to use on example roll out, the main pattern holds the idea that from all the noise and clatter of the industry of family law, the semi colon (PEM) stands unadulterated. 

PEM Semplice15PEM Semplice15
PEM Semplice8PEM Semplice8
PEM Semplice9PEM Semplice9
PEM Semplice10PEM Semplice10
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