Orion Street Festival

Onement Group

Mirvac Retail,
Orion Springfield Central

Event Identity

One of Mirvac's Queensland retail centres, Orion Springfield Central, organised a three day festival to celebrate the newly established shopping complex and to draw customers to their business offerings. Starting on a Friday evening with live acts such as Seth Sentry and The Jungle Giants and continuing over the Saturday and Sunday, the Orion Street Festival aimed to attract young adults as well as families to the centre. The centre, which spans a few roads, would close these off and set up a stage and many attractions and stalls for children and adults alike. 

Onement were to provide Orion Springfield Central with two clearly distinctive concepts for the branding of the event, one within the centre's brand guidelines and one breaking out of the guidelines. This concept was born of the latter.

Orion Street Festival Semplice8Orion Street Festival Semplice8
Orion Street Festival Semplice9Orion Street Festival Semplice9
Orion Street Festival Semplice10Orion Street Festival Semplice10