Open Saturdays

Onement Group

Mirvac Retail,
Greenwood Plaza

Centre Promotion

One of Mirvac's Sydney retail centres, Greenwood Plaza, wanted to boost their weekend sales with additional printed and digital promotional material. Situated in the business district of North Sydney, the weekend period is dramatically quieter than during the week. GWP wished to make known that the centre was still open for trade on the Saturday and Sunday, with retailers specialising in fresh food, dining and fashion.

We went with an image heavy campaign, with a straight forward slogan of 'Open Saturdays'. We had a focus on the three main offerings and released both light and dark complementary imagery sets. The campaign was seen on various collateral including in centre posters, digital directories, eDMs, adshells, street talkers, billboards and mobile boards.

Open Saturdays Semplice4Open Saturdays Semplice4
Open Saturdays Semplice7Open Saturdays Semplice7
Open Saturdays Semplice6Open Saturdays Semplice6
Open Saturdays Semplice5Open Saturdays Semplice5
Open Saturdays Semplice8Open Saturdays Semplice8